Shark Steamer: My favorite green cleaning tool

April 18, 2011

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I’ve had my Shark steamer for a few months now, and I continue to be impressed with it. It does a great job as a cleaning tool and as a steamer (anything that means I don’t have to iron it great!) It comes with a roomy tote bag and seven different attachments from small brushes that are great for cleaning in corners to larger paddles for cleaning bigger surfaces.

The first day I had it, I spent 4 hours steaming everything in sight. It managed to get rid of gunk that looked like it had been caked on the stove for years. It cleans tile and grout in seconds, better than any other product I’ve tried. And best of all – it doesn’t use any chemicals, just water, so it doesn’t leave toxic smells.

Shark EuroPro Steam Pocket

I recently added linen curtains to my kitchen windows, and I used my steamer to get the wrinkles and creases out of the curtains. It took just a few minutes., see the results below!

Curtains Before: Wrinked and Creased

Curtains After: Flowing (no ironing required)


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